Frequently Asked Questions

Q. The installation program will not accept my license number. What is wrong?

A. In version 2, the characters 1, 3 and 4 are letters of the alphabet. All the rest are numbers. Make sure you are not mistaking a 0 (zero) for an O (Oh).

Q. Can I print maps if I am using Windows NT, 2000 or XP as my operating system?

A. These operating systems are not compatible with the map printing software in version 3.0 of the Deluxe Bible.  This incompatibility will be fixed in version 4.0 

Q. Why won't my printer print the maps? It seems to print other graphics OK.

A. To check if your printer is set up properly to print bitmaps, draw a simple picture using the Windows Paint application (called Paint in Windows 95) and try to print it. You will find the Paint application under your Windows Accessories.

If you are having a problem printing from the Paintbrush application, then the Deluxe Bible Maps and Timelines will also have problems printing. Please make sure the printer driver that is installed is the correct driver for your printer. You can check this in your Windows Control Panel by clicking on Printers and looking at the printer driver that is installed. You may want to install the latest printer driver for your printer. These are usually available from the manufacturers web site or from online services such as CompuServe and America Online.

Q. I already paid money for the shareware disk or CD-ROM that I bought at the store. Why should I send you a registration fee to license the program?

A. We ask for a registration fee so that we can continue our development work of our Bible software. We have tried to keep the price of the software low so that most people can afford it. The latest version of the Deluxe Bible sells for $39.95. This is less than half the price of most of the Bible software on the market. On top of that we have expenses: thousands of hours of program development, computer equipment, royalties to pay for each copy we ship of translations other than the KJV, disk duplicators, floppy disks, postage, telephone calls, monthly usage fees for our web site, using Earthlink, America On-line, Microsoft Network, additional lines for fax and telephone support, printing charges for the Deluxe Bible box and everything that goes into it, software development systems, consulting fees, etc.

To develop, distribute and support the Bible software cost several thousand dollars per month. Our phone bill alone is over $200 per month.

Less than 1.5% of the people who use our shareware ever register it. Yet many of them expect technical support when they have a problem.

You asked what's wrong with freeware. For 98.5% of the people using the shareware Deluxe New Testament for Windows it is freeware. We do not get a single penny from the shareware unless it is registered. The store, distributor, and shareware manufacturer get the money you paid at the store. It is the support from the 1.5% of the people that register or upgrade to the Deluxe Bible that allows us to continue developing this type of software. Without their support, we could not afford to help spread God's Word through Bible software.

Q. Why don't you offer your Deluxe Bible in the NIV translation?

A. Zondervan Publishing controls the world wide rights to the NIV. We have tried to license the NIV several times and were willing to pay them the $10,000 license fee plus a $10.00 royalty fee for each copy sold, but were turned down by Zondervan shortly after we told them we sell the Deluxe Bible for $39.95. Although they wouldn't give us a reason for refusing to license it to us, we believe that they want to keep the selling price of the NIV artificially high and don't want any competition in the low price range. It is our belief that quality Bible software should be made available at a reasonable price.

Q. I have an older version of the Deluxe Bible. How do I upgrade to the latest version?

A. As a registered user, you may upgrade to the latest version for $19.95 plus shipping. Please contact us for an upgrade.

Q. Why don't you offer a Macintosh version of the Deluxe Bible?

A. We have looked at the size of the Windows market vs. the Macintosh market and decided to concentrate our efforts on Windows software since there are about 5 times as many machines running Windows. The Macintosh does not support the same development tools as the Windows platform so it would require a total rewrite of the program to offer it for the Macintosh. This would take away from our efforts to bring you the latest features for our Windows version.

Q. Can I install the Deluxe Bible on a network server for several users?

A. We have a special version of the Deluxe Bible for network installation. Please contact us for pricing.

Q. I have one copy of the Deluxe Bible. Am I allowed to install it on my home computer and my portable?

A. You may install it on both computers providing that both copies will not be in use at the same time. Please treat it as you would a book -- only one reader at a time.

Q. Why are there misspelled words in the KJV.

A. The words are all spelled correctly. Please remember that you are reading Elizabethan English from 1769. Words were spelled differently at that time.

Q. Looked on the Deluxe Bible CD-ROM and noticed more than one translation. Am I allowed to install all of them?

A. We put all versions of the Deluxe Bible on one CD-ROM. However, we have to pay royalties on the various translations so we can not allow free installation of translations other than what you have licensed.

Q. Why doesn't your free 800 telephone number work?

A. We had to disconnect our 800 number because it was published without our permission on a CD-ROM that had severe errors on it from other programs.  90% of the calls we got were support calls for software that we didn't write.  We had to disconnect the 800 number because tens of thousands of copies of this CD-ROM were in circulation.

Free technical support may be obtained from the following sources:


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